Ajyal Al-Mostakbal College AMC is one of the first schools to adopt blended education in Lebanon, and it receives students from kindergarten to tenth grade (first secondary).

AMC contracted with the Global Education Foundation, which deals with the management and development of schools through the effective use of the latest educational tools, technologies and methodologies to provide interactive, digital and integrated lessons to all age groups effectively and efficiently.

AMC, managed by Global Education, prepares students to be ready to deal with future developments, to enter the labor market and to face all changes, no matter how radical and sudden.

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AMC is one of the most advanced schools in Lebanon, as it produces innovative students who can excel and excel wherever they live and work.

AMC focuses on the legacy and solid foundations of the Lebanese curriculum, and presents it through the newly applied blended learning system, using the latest pedagogical methodologies and educational technologies, in order to develop an integrated personality in the student, in line with the requirements of the twenty-first century, while enhancing his own national character .

In addition, AMC is ready to provide effective online education to the children of the Lebanese diaspora anywhere in the world, in the post-Coronavirus era.

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Since effective education in this era lies in developing students' competencies through a rich and integrated learning experience, our educational system is based on expanding our students' knowledge, developing their skills, and consolidating their values, methodology and personality. In addition to paying attention to their well-being, taking care of all aspects of their lives, and crystallizing the development of the mind, body and spirit, in order to graduate students who contribute to building a better society in the future.

Core competencies developed in school include critical and creative thinking, logical analysis, problem solving, leadership, entrepreneurship, citizenship, global awareness, digital literacy, and various social and emotional skills.


Whatever developments happen today and tomorrow, our students are grounded in the present and prepared for all possibilities and changes that may occur in the future. We live in an increasingly fast-paced world, where it is increasingly rare for a graduate to have a lifelong stable job, where many jobs are at risk of automation or obsolescence, and where new ideas and basic skills required in social life and in the labor market are steadily developing. .

Therefore, AMC provides an agile, flexible, deep and modern educational system that provides the student with the ability to adapt, integrate and deal with such challenges, by developing contemporary skills that can be transferred from one job to another, in various fields, and coexist with various advanced technologies.

Thus, whatever the future looks like, our students will be prepared for all possibilities and changes that they may face in their professional and social lives.


Our teachers provide the best pedagogical approaches, by attending classes and using modern educational tools provided through a specialized technological learning platform.

The technology platform used by our school includes the Lebanese curriculum, with international libraries of digital content, developed according to the latest educational design methodologies. It also contains an adaptive learning management system, virtual classroom applications, and a rich set of collaboration tools that enhance teamwork and collaborative learning skills. It thus introduces a completely new approach to teachers, students and parents, with the aim of fostering a growth mindset in students.

The school trains its students well to be lifelong learners, making it easier for them to deal in the future with virtual work and learning environments.



Global Education is a leading company specialized in the management and development of educational institutions, with extensive experience in building innovative educational models, Global Education uses the latest pedagogical approaches, teaching methods and educational technologies to develop the school from a pedagogical and administrative point of view.

Global Education applies innovative strategies to develop the school and change its teaching and management patterns, in order to keep pace with the requirements of society and the modern labor market.

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