AMC History

AMC was established as part of the Monastery of Our Lady of the Fort, which is located on a hill in the village of Faytroun, the Lebanese village that rises 1250 m above sea level. Its “speaking” rocks as a refined expressive painting, by its harmonious merging with the stone-studded town houses, formed the focus of aesthetics and a source of inspiration for many writers, poets and painters. The word Feytron means "the throne of the Lord." People often resort to hills and mountains to be distracted by God and nature, and sometimes to escape life's many challenges and threats that they may face. The hill on which the school and the monastery were built, was once a fortress, and it is likely that the monastery derives its name from it.


On August 15, 1903, the Society of Missionaries of Saint Paul was founded by Bishop Germanos Akak in Harissa. It is an apostolic life association composed of priests and brothers living in a group and subject to the authority of the royal patriarch of Antioch.


Since the education of children is the essence of the mission of AMC, AMC founded in 1938.

Printing and Publishing

The Fathers founded the magazine Al-Masara in 1910 and the Pauline Library, which published more than 600 books in the evangelical, theological, legal, liturgical, historical and spiritual fields.

The student is a priority

AMC made its tuition fees that suit all classes of society so that everyone enjoys a high-quality education. In addition, AMC has always been keen to offer a holistic and distinguished educational approach to its students.

Collaboration with Global Education

During the COVID-19 pandemic, St. Paul's School decided to transform its traditional educational system into a modern integrated system, completely modernizing its educational environment and teaching methods, to become an advanced school, ready for the challenges of the future, and capable of facing the crises experienced by the community. And that is by providing distinguished educational services to its students, in coordination and flexibility, that combines high-quality in-school attendance education, when possible, with interactive digital learning via the Internet when necessary.

Therefore, the school decided to enter into a strategic partnership with the Global Education Group, which is specialized and pioneering in the field of developing educational patterns and managing and modernizing educational institutions.

Global Education has provided the school with a technological platform for teaching and management, has extensively trained teachers to be ready to provide the highest level of education with the latest technology, and has taken over the management of the school with the aim of developing it.

The Global Education plan includes a gradual transformation in the educational culture of the school during the first five years of its management of the school, on each of the following six axes: