AMC School aims to provide a collaborative learning environment that prepares learners, through the best teaching methods and innovative learning approaches, and provides them with the knowledge, experiences and opportunities that help them to be pioneering and productive citizens wherever they are, whether at school, at university, at work or in the community.

AMC Mission

Pioneering innovative blended learning, AMC School mission is to develop students with ground-breaking leadership experiences, achieve the highest academic standards, work collaboratively in productive teams, use and develop technology seamlessly, master critical and creative thinking, and practice social responsibility. This is done by delivering highly effective and quality educational approaches, and instilling a growth mindset in students by teachers and administrators who address the unique needs of each student, in partnership with parents and the wider school community.

Governance Model

The AMC hierarchy begins with a Board of Trustees (BoT) who define the school's overall academic and development strategies and oversee the school's overall management. An educational technology advisory board also guides the school's senior management in a sustainable manner on the latest educational technology applications, market trends and needs. The school's senior management implements the academic and development strategies set by the Board of Trustees, and submits its reports to it periodically. The various academic and administrative departments implement school operations based on global operating standards (SoPs), in close cooperation with elected representatives of teachers, students, parents and alumni.

The school administration

The administrative body at St. Paul's School consists of:

  • School Manager
  • Director of Change Management and Global Education representative in the school
  • Teacher Development and Training Officer at Global Education
  • Heads of Departments
  • Elected representatives of students and alumni.

The school's governing body is directly responsible to the school's board of trustees.

Educational Technology Advisory Council

The Educational Technology Advisory Board consists of prominent figures in the field of educational technology who represent the leading companies in this field in the Lebanese labor market.

Chairman of the advisory board:

  • Mr. Elia Kurban, President of WIN International in Paris.

Advisory Board Members:

  • Mr. Camille Moukarzel, President of the Professional Informatics Association (PCA) in Lebanon
  • Mr. Fadi Abdel Khaleq, CEO of iQuad
  • Mr. Anthony Saba, CEO of WIN Lebanon
  • Mr. Saad Saad, CEO of PLC

It is chaired by Mr. Elia Kurban, President of WIN International in Paris.

School Board of Trustees

Chairman of the Board of Trustees

Dr. Fawzi Baroud

UNESCO Certified Expert for Open Educational Resources in the Middle East, and Assistant Vice President of Notre Dame University NDU for Technology Affairs.


Members of the Board of Trustees:

Mrs. Mona Farid El-Khazen

A pioneering social and educational activist


Dr. Huda Al-Kousa

Director of Research at MBC Group, and CEO of Archers


Dr. Milad El Sebaly

A well-known global academic reference in the fields of digital and blended learning


Dr. Rabie El Khoury

CEO of Global Education